Cavendish Laboratory
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CB3 0HE, Cambridge UK
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I am a 2nd year PhD Student at St John’s College, Cambridge, working at the Cavendish Laboratory Quantum Information Group in collaboration with Dr Sergii Strelchuk at DAMTP. My supervisor is Professor Crispin Barnes.

My main interests include Quantum Benchmarking and Group-Theoretic methods in Quantum Computing. In particular, I am currently researching lightweight algorithms for calculating gate fidelities on near-term quantum devices.

I was born in Krakow, and have lived in the UK since 2011. Prior to my PhD I attended Brasenose College, Oxford, where I obtained a BA in Physics & Philosophy followed by a Master’s in Mathematical & Theoretical Physics.

Aside from my research, I teach the Physics IA course at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and also offer private tutoring.

Pictured: me at the Fasori Evangélikus Gimnázium in Budapest - the school attended by Wigner, Haar and Von Neumann in the 20th century.



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